Sunday School



ADULT CLASSES 9:30-10:15 A.M.



Young children listen to a Bible story, work on a craft, interact in fun play, and take time for a snack. The lessons provide active, creative ways to help youngsters learn God’s word. Kylie Hughes invites all birth-3 year olds to come and have a good time learning about God.


PRAISE MAKERS (4yrs- 8yrs)

Exploring God’s truth through storytelling, art, dramas, video, games, and other mind-stimulating activities allows kids to learn the way God made them to learn- utilizing all the pathways He’s built into their minds and hearts. The Rotation Sunday School’s unique approach to teaching God's word provides kids with faith-building experiences designed to build a strong biblical foundation for their walk with Christ. Paradise U.M.C. has five workshop zones that each child visits over a five week course.

GOOD SHEPHERD'S INN - Children settle into a cozy atmosphere and enjoy a Bible storyteller drama, then make and munch a yummy snack that ties in to the story.

SEASIDE STUDIO - For the artist in every child! Kids create personal artistic expressions of their spiritual growth and response to the Bible story.

STARGAZER THEATER – The stage is set for the child to be a star as the Bible story is acted out either by the child or puppets.

MOUNTAINTOP PRODUCTIONS - The tantalizing smell of popcorn welcomes kids to this workshop where they view and analyze clips that expand the scope of the Bible story.


BIBLE GAME ZONE - Here's the chance to get rowdy with lively games that challenge kids to recall and relate to important points of the story.


As always, the Bible story is the core, the constant focal point and the driving force in every zone area. Each room is decorated to enhance each theme. The rooms are welcoming and kid-friendly. Take time to look and see what is available for every child. Children ages four through eight are invited to come and learn God's word in this amazing fun way!! Teachers and leaders include Brenda Ansell, Nicole & Jeremy Hough, Risa Hughes, Kaitlyn Knopsnider, Michael Durstine, and Stacey Snyder


PRE-TEEN CLASS (9yrs and older)

Heidi Murphy and Amy Kowalewski will lead this agr group through the Grapple Bible lessons. Grapple is a fun and fearless way to search the Bible for answers to many of the questions preteen/ teen questions and build a solid faith foundation.



YOUNG ADULTS- Ron Hixson and Cindy Gilpin

"Mark, God in Action" By Chuck and Winnie Christensen

The book of Mark shows us Jesus Christ in action- a purposeful, powerful individual who addressed the personal needs of those he encountered and brought hope to hungry groups, demonstrating compassion and supernatural power over sin. 

As we study Mark's account of Jesus in action, we will begin to see how God can be active in us, in our church and community.

We welcome all to come, join in the action as we see what God has in store for us.

TODAY’S DISCIPLES CLASS- Rev. Terry Guiste & Allen Hoke

"Be Alive" Get to Know the Living Savior, By Warren W. Wiersbe.

"What is the Most Important Thing You Will Not Be Able to Do In Heaven?"

This study is devoted to the first twelve chapters of the Gospel of John. Through the study, one will come to learn of Jesus in a personal way. The book of John has pages filled with images such as the lamb, the door, the shepherd, the new birth, the water of life, and dozens more.

So, back to the above question; Please join us Sunday morning at 9:30am to learn the answer.

FAITHFUL FRIENDS CLASS- Marvin Snyder & Shirley Mellon

The Class is continuing its venture through the bible. Currently in the fifth book of the Old Testament- Deutronomy.

Sunday School Secretary- Peg Kalp & PJ Hixson


We extend an invitation to all to be a part of any of the Sunday School classes listed above. If you would like more information or have any questions about the classes, please see teachers listed for the classes or Ray Ackerman, Adult Sunday School Superintendent; Brenda Ansell, Children's Sunday School Superintendent. Also, if interested in teaching or helping in any class area, see Brenda.



“Make me to know your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths. Lead me in truth, and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all day long.”


  July 2021  
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